Interview with Chris Makler, Aplia, customization master

This week’s podcast features Chris Makler from Aplia. Aplia is part of Cengage Learning.  Chris works on a team that has built an interesting application on top of Arbortext Editor. They’re using a lot of different technology to create an educational application for teaching economics.

Customization is a tricky subject. Used intelligently, and with prudence, it can be extremely effective. Arbortext Editor has hooks available to developers to touch every part of the document and Arbortext application. Aplia is one of those cases where they’re doing it well and in pursuit of an industry application where it works. Continue reading “Interview with Chris Makler, Aplia, customization master”

Interview with Todd Hicks, Wolters Kluwer, tool builder

This week’s podcast features Todd Hicks from Wolters Kluwer.  I’ve been looking forward to this podcast for a long time. Todd Hicks has been an Arbortext community member for a long time. Todd presented at AUGI and at PTC/User conferences. He started out supporting a division of Wolters Kluwer but now supports their global Arbortext deployment. He’s built custom applications and extensions to Arbortext that even PTC wanted (then developed).  Long-time community members never miss a presentation by Todd Hicks or one of his team at WK. They’re always doing something special, innovative, and technically spectacular.

It’s been my pleasure to get to know Todd better over the years and it’s a greater pleasure to share his knowledge, experience, and advice with the community through this podcast today. Continue reading “Interview with Todd Hicks, Wolters Kluwer, tool builder”

Interview with Robin Sloan, PTC product manager

DITA may have begun with IBM, but it is now controlled by Oasis. PTC/Arbortext was the only vendor invited to be a charter member of the Oasis DITA Technical Committee. IBM was using Arbortext when they developed DITA, in fact.

PTC has a fully-functional, enterprise-level DITA solution: Arbortext Editor, Publishing Engine, and Content Management System. DITA is fully supported. Specializations require no additional programming (beyond the DTD/schema creation) to implement in Arbortext.

This week’s podcast features Robin Sloan from PTC.

Continue reading “Interview with Robin Sloan, PTC product manager”