The Adepters email list is ending – here’s where to go…

In 1995 Arbortext started the adepters mailing list for users and staff to handle issues and questions about the (then named) Adept (Arbortext) editor. When PTC acquired Arbortext, that mailing list and all of its archives, migrated to the PTC/User community. In the next few days, PTC/User will be shutting down the community forums and moving the archives to PTC Communities.

For everyone who’s been a member of the long-running adepters mailing list, you want to make sure you join the PTC Communities as well as the LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Continue reading “The Adepters email list is ending – here’s where to go…”

Tweet Roundup: Arbortext User Meeting October 2010

Tweet roundup from Arbortext user meeting Oct 2010: Todd Hicks, an ACL tool to find and replace attributes

Earlier today, the Arbortext User Group had their monthly meeting. The guest today was Todd Hicks from Wolters Kluwer with us. He’s going to talk about a tool he built at the request of his users. His users want to do less work and they’re always asking him, “hey, can you make it do this?” Well, today, we saw one of the many things you can do if you have Arbortext in your tool chest.

In case you missed it, you can watch the video recording or browse through the live tweet stream from the event captured below.  If you want to know more about the kinds of tools Todd and his team have built on the Arbortext platform, you might want to listen to Todd’s interview.

For the Live Twitter Stream read on… Continue reading “Tweet Roundup: Arbortext User Meeting October 2010”

PlanetPTC Live Call for Presentations is out!

Presentations for PlanetPTC Live (formerly PTC/User World Event) in Las Vegas due Nov 22, 2010

It’s that time again! In fact, earlier than last year… The call for presentations is out for PlanetPTC Live. That means it’s time for us to encourage everyone to submit good presentations and to encourage user attendance at the conference.

Here’s some words of encouragement from a long-time Arbortext Community member, James Sulak:

It’s time to pause, reflect, consider what you’ve accomplished in the past 12 months, and then craft a presentation abstract for the 2010 PlanetPTC Live conference, so you can tell us all about those ACL tricks and XUI hacks.

Even if you’ve never presented before, you should submit an abstract.  Presenting sounds intimidating, but it’s not.  It’s fun, even.  The 2008 Event was my first time presenting at any conference of any kind, and it couldn’t have been a better experience.  By presenting, I learned more and talked more shop with other Arbortext users than I did during my first PTC/User conference, when I didn’t present.

Of course, I’m not really pitching this purely out of altruism.  I want more Arbortext users to present because it makes the conference better, for me.  PTC product demonstrations are great, but the real value of the conference comes from the technical presentations of real users doing real Arbortext development.   That can only come from us.

There are some past PTC/User and AUGI presenters and attendees – many of which you’d recognize from the community  – who are ready and willing to help any potential presenters (new and repeat) pick a topic, review abstracts, and later, give feedback on the actual presentations.  Later, they’ll become friendly faces in the crowd when you finally get on stage.  These people were a great help to me last year as I navigated the presentation process for the first time.

Summing up:   As Clay said recently, the benefits of presenting at PlanetPTC Live are:

  1. Free admission to the conference
  2. Recognition from your peers in the Arbortext user community

The deadline to submit abstracts is November 22, 2010. Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

And here’s the official announcement from PTC:

Submit Your Proposal Online for PlanetPTC Live
in Las Vegas Starting October 15, 2010

Driven by one simple mission – helping PTC customers be more effective – PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas on June 12-15, 2011 will preserve the best aspects of the former PTC/USER World Event and complement the experience with best-in-class education, networking and access that is unmatched at any other event in our industry.

PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas will soon be recruiting PTC product users and PLM experts to share their knowledge with the PTC customer community. Proposals will be accepted online between October 15 and November 22, 2010. Of specific interest are in-depth customer case studies and related sessions that demonstrate the successful application of PTC solutions in real-world scenarios that empower other users to drive value and efficiency at their organizations.

Presenters may choose from several session formats and industry topics that represent the greatest areas of interest for PTC customers. Presentations can address any or all members of the PTC product suite, as well as user experience level and job role.

PlanetPTC Live is primarily organized and executed by PTC, with significant contributions by PTC/USER with regard to content planning and user experience.

“On behalf of PTC/USER, I encourage your participation as a presenter at PlanetPTC Live 2011. As your user group, we are excited to contribute to the success of this event dedicated to helping users, their organizations and PTC gain the greatest possible return from PTC technology. Please join us as we showcase our strength and value through the voice of the PTC customer.”
– PTC/USER President Ron Watson

Click here to learn more about PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas.

Proposals must be received before November 22, 2010.

Submit your proposal today and we hope to see you in Las Vegas!