Top Authors and Books from My 2016 Reading Challenge

In 2016, I wrote 3 books and read 237. I haven’t decided whether reading that many books in one year is good or bad. There are some that I don’t really remember reading. I look at the titles or read 5-10 pages and think to myself, “it feels like I read this already…” or “did I really read this one?” I have only the record on Goodreads to tell me that I did.

Some books were great. I don’t think I could have read as many as I did if I hadn’t found books and authors that resonated. There is at least one book that I want to find (so I can share it with others) but can’t because it was the side-plot not the main plot that resonated with me. I can’t remember the main plot or the title. Regardless, I read a lot and discovered a host of skilled writers that I’d never read before.

This is the list of the best authors or books that I read 2016. If a book or author made it into this list, I either: Continue reading “Top Authors and Books from My 2016 Reading Challenge”