Interview with Barry Schaeffer, icon in XML circles

Anyone who’s been in the SGML/XML industry for any length of time knows Barry Shaeffer. Barry is a frequent speaker and contributor on subjects related to information and content management. His work with structured information began in 1979 with SGML, and with XML at its initial publication as a standard in 1996.

He was Founder and President of X.Systems.Inc., a system development and consulting firm specializing in the conception and design of text-based information systems, with industrial, legal/judicial and publishing clients among the Fortune 500, non-profit organizations and government agencies, until it’s acquisition by XyEnterprise in 2008. X.Systems was the first Arbortext partner company.

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Interview with Michael Hahn, XML and SGML expert

Michael Hahn is the principal at Alphabetical by Author. He has almost twenty years’ experience with markup language (SGML and XML) development and implementation. He has managed analysis session meetings and prepared reports for a wide variety of information types for manufacturers, scientific and professional organizations, commercial publishers, defense contractors, and education-related organizations.

He’s familiar with authoring tools including Adobe Framemaker, Arbortext, Oxygen, and XMetal; and has worked with industry and international standards including DITA, DocBook, S1000D, and ATA and MIL specifications. In addition to his consulting, Michael has spent time at companies of different sizes and in different industries, including time at a content management solution vendor, a hallmark SGML/XML consulting company, and an XML company that did foundational/seminal work. Continue reading “Interview with Michael Hahn, XML and SGML expert”

Interview with Todd Nowlan, “Benefits of XML and single-sourcing”

When we were getting ready for the CMS DITA/NA 2010, we reached out to long-time Arbortext customers to find out where they were now, what they did originally, and how they got from point A to point B. Just what did it take to make a successful single-sourcing implementation happen.

One of the customers willing to talk about their implementation was Todd Nowlan, “large Canadian telecom”. They’d started before DITA was really ready, and they’re still using the system today. The original project was to support enterprise content in a large, global company. What they did was amazing. We’ve heard Todd’s story several times, and are amazed each time. Something more comes out in what it takes to be successful at that level for that long. Continue reading “Interview with Todd Nowlan, “Benefits of XML and single-sourcing””