Interview with Kevin Dietz, Timpani Software, docbook for small teams

This week’s podcast features Kevin Dietz from Timpani Software. Timpani Software develops BuildBeat, a comprehensive automated software build management system, and MergeMagician, an automated merging server designed to work with your existing software configuration management (SCM) system.

It’s my pleasure to present Kevin Dietz so he can share his experience with dynamic publishing systems and the reasons for moving away from traditional publishing tools. Figuring out how to move from proprietary authoring tools to DocBook not only freed his content, but inspired a new product line for Timpani Software.


Interview with Rajal Shah, “Content is King”

This month’s podcast guest is Rajal Shah from Juniper Networks.

Rajal Shah is the Director of Document Engineering in the Foundation Technologies group at Juniper Networks. FT is the corporate R&D Group at Juniper Networks. His group is responsible for vision of a unified documentation and publishing approach across all five business groups at Juniper. I’m delighted he had time to share his experience, knowledge, and history with Arbortext, DITA, and organizing single-sourcing projects. Continue reading “Interview with Rajal Shah, “Content is King””

Interview with Todd Nowlan, “Benefits of XML and single-sourcing”

When we were getting ready for the CMS DITA/NA 2010, we reached out to long-time Arbortext customers to find out where they were now, what they did originally, and how they got from point A to point B. Just what did it take to make a successful single-sourcing implementation happen.

One of the customers willing to talk about their implementation was Todd Nowlan, “large Canadian telecom”. They’d started before DITA was really ready, and they’re still using the system today. The original project was to support enterprise content in a large, global company. What they did was amazing. We’ve heard Todd’s story several times, and are amazed each time. Something more comes out in what it takes to be successful at that level for that long. Continue reading “Interview with Todd Nowlan, “Benefits of XML and single-sourcing””