Custom Decals – Inline SVG with APP in Arbortext Styler

Cafe con UI - Composition Drag RaceDo you want to do fancy stuff with SVG in your dynamically published documents? In Arbortext Styler you can spill text around the clipping path in a graphic. You can use SVG to provide dramatic backgrounds and other fancy graphical layout designs just using Arbortext Styler.

  • Arbortext Monster Garage Session
  • Title: Custom Decals – Inline SVG with APP in Arbortext Styler
  • Date: 25 March 2011, 10-10:30 AM Pacific/US
  • Presenter: Simon Taylor, PTC
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Part 3: Top 10 resources for XML authoring and publishing projects

This is part three of a four-part series.

These resources are good for folks who are getting started on XML or SGML authoring and publishing projects or who are in the middle of one.

  1. singlesourcing-mgmt Singlesourcing-mgmt is a moderated mailing list for those interested in the management of single sourcing and related topics Single-Sourcing (retired by STC in 2012)
  2. xml-doc xml-doc is a mailing list where writers, developers, product and service vendors, and others discuss the application of XML, SGML, and related technologies to structured authoring, particularly authoring of documentation for computer software and hardware.
  3. comp.text.xml The Extensible Markup Language (XML).
  4. comp.text.sgml ISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages
  5. dita-users This group supports users of DITA.
  6. This is the official home page for all things Docbook.
  7. svg-developers This is a mailing list for anyone who is interested in developing SVG content, or in helping others solve development problems in either the SVG format or in scripting. Discussions tend to be very technical.
  8. XSL Mailing List The open forum for the discussion of XSL — Extensible Stylesheet Language.
  9. XSL-FO XSL Formatting Objects discussion group. All questions are welcome. As the group grows hopefully we can share our experience and growing knowledge.
  10. svdig Although this is the mailing list for the local Silicon Valley DITA Interest Group (SVDIG), lots of good information shows up here as well.
  11. BONUS: FOSI Tutorials People were always looking for FOSI information and it’s been nearly impossible to find useful stuff until this became available.

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  2. Part 2: Top 6 book choices
  3. Part 3: Top 12 online topic-specific resources
  4. Part 4: Top 4 resources for Arbortext users.