There is no I in Team

About Single-Sourcing Solutions: We are different, here’s why

By Janice Summers

No doubt you have heard all the clichéd phrases; “There is no I in Team”, “There is safety in numbers”, “One is the loneliest number”, “No man is an island”, “Life is not lived in a vacuum”, etc…..

Ever stop to think of why these phrases came about? As with many things, they came about as sage pearls of wisdom to live by. They were first uttered by those who had experienced the isolation of being the only one then experienced the benefits of working with others.

When Single-Sourcing Solutions was formed years ago, we wanted to heed the words of wisdom. Why not learn from others on what works well and what does not. We all had been around a block or two and had experience in working for various companies with many types of configurations. We had already witnessed what had worked well and what had failed miserably.  When it came time for us to design our company, we wanted to take what worked the best and leave the rest behind.

So we designed our company to work as a collective team. Each person has strength and we all have weaknesses. The key is to leverage the strengths of each other and create a stronger solution. How do we do that? Well, we know that there is not one view, opinion, or perspective. There are many and each holds value. I know, it sounds a bit utopian, but in a specialized firm like ours, there is no place to hide so it works.

So how do we apply this to our client engagements? It is never just one person left out on their own since we all work in integration. The benefit to our customers is that when our team is engaged on their project, they have more diverse expertise to solve their needs. Where one person may not be as skilled in a particular area, there is another who excels. We see this balance of skill and transfer of knowledge all the time.

The end result is that we are able to achieve far greater results for our customers. The projects never rest on only one person’s shoulders so if they need to take time away from work the project does not suffer and the customer never misses a beat. Since, let’s face it, solving content design and layout involves a little bit of art, the customer has the advantage of not one perspective, but many on how to best solve their needs. Another collateral advantage is that the consultants gain deeper skills from leveraging off of each other and experience a much more satisfying career.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the independent consultants out there, I am simply saying we are different and why.  So when you engage with us you engage with our team, and therefore you don’t have to hope that you got the best person assigned to your project; instead, you have hired the best team.