World IA Day 2016

Last month I went to World IA Day 2016 in Seattle. I’m based in San Francisco, which also hosted World IA Day event, but every now and again it’s good to get out of your little corner of the world and see what is going on elsewhere.

I have a very good friend in Seattle, who is amazingly good at her job and who has been working as an IA for as long as I’ve known her (nearly 5 years now). She’s based in Seattle and I went to up there to participate in World IA Day with her. I’m glad I did.

First up was Mike Doane from the University of Washington’s “iSchool”. It’s interesting to me to see that information-focused programs are popping up around the country and where they see themselves fitting in. Mike did a great job of describing how they view everything fitting together — and how all the different disciplines should work together. Continue reading “World IA Day 2016”