Tips for writing great documentation

I recently read a great article by Taylor Singletary who’s been writing documentation for customer facing products that almost all of us use: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack. If you ask him, he says he works in “developer relations.” He wrote up the list of things he does to create great, usable, customer-facing documentation: Continue reading “Tips for writing great documentation”

Collaboration – Love it or Hate it?

by Liz Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions

This month I wanted to find out if you have come to love or hate collaboration in any of it’s forms.  I’m a big experimenter which often means I’m a big collaborator.

In January’s TC Dojo, we had Karl Klashinsky do a session on Git, the open source software version control system. He mentioned something in passing that software developers take for granted but that technical writers resist: the idea of continuous commits. In other words, commit early and often.

For Techcomm folks, providing access to in-work content has been traditionally a difficult activity. Writers tend to wait until something is done before anyone sees it. We like to pretend to the outside world that our work “sprung complete from [our] mind into the repository in utter perfection with each concept fully thought out” (Seth Robertson).

Continue reading “Collaboration – Love it or Hate it?”

How long do you struggle before you ‘Let It Rest’?

by Liz Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions

Here at Single-Sourcing Solutions, we often find ourselves on the leading edge of working with new features or on the back side of working with old features to wrangle them into doing what our customers need them to do today.

Over the years, we’ve developed a policy. If you’re working on something and haven’t made any progress after 15 minutes, ask a question or stop and go do something else.  In other words, “Let it Lie.”

As it turns out, this is good advice. Scott Nesbit wrote an article in September about how letting something lie is a good practice that yields superior results. Continue reading “How long do you struggle before you ‘Let It Rest’?”