Top 5 Arbortext Resources (+1)

Here’s the list of the top 5 resources new Arbortext customers should know about. If you’re an Arbortext User, you should know about these resources:
  1. Arbortext 101: Best Practices for Configuring, Authoring, Styling, and Publishing with Arbortext: This book gives you everything you need to establish a good foundation with your Arbortext environment. It’s short and to the point. This is the first book under the Arbortext Monster Garage umbrella which includes a series of videos on youtube video series, a series of training videos on vimeo, and more books!
  2. Arbortext TC Dojo: The TC Dojo has a special Arbortext Edition and sponsors an Arbortext Mastermind group.  The TC Dojo is a series of webinars where the topics are chosen by the community and driven by community needs. In the TC Dojo-Arbortext Edition, we cover topics of interest to Arbortext users. TC Dojo web sessions are free to attend; Mastermind group conference calls are not.
  3. The Arbortext ACL Code Archive: Over the years, members of the adepters mailing list found they referred to several historical posts on a regular basis. To simplify their own information retrieval and to preserve that knowledge in a neutral location, they created a website pulling the best of the archive out and posting it there.  If you’re going down the ACL road and customizing your Arbortext environment, there’s some really good information in the Arbortext ACL Code Archive. In 2016, this site moved to the TC Dojo Forums. The Adepters Archive is free and open to the public. The other forums are not.
  4. Arbortext User Group: The Arbortext User Group has a pretty good presence online. There’s a User Group forum @ PTC Communities, a LinkedIn group, a Facebook Group, a Meetup Group, and a YouTube channel with copies of recordings from previous meetings.
  5. Arbortext @ PTC Communities: Holds the archives from the long-running Arbortext mailing list, adepters. It was moved to the Arbortext Questions forum @ PTC Communities. PTC staff and product managers monitor the forums along with many long-time users. The earliest messages date from 1996. Also there, you can find the Arbortext Blog for announcements from product management.
Here's a bonus!

The Arbortext User Group has put up a website that has everything you need to know about Arbortext condensed and explained in one place: Everything Arbortext in One Place.  You can learn about the product, the partners, the community, and the history of Arbortext.

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