Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks

Liz is meticulous, energetic, dependable, and focused on satisfying both short-term requirements as well mitigating/solving the longer-term systemic issues. She works well to do the right thing for the company. She is effective at doing evaluations and integrations of third party software and of getting third parties to understand special requirements and of customizing software to work in the needed environment in a maintainable and extensible manner. She is also skilled at adapting, extending, and customizing existing tools as well as writing new tools to meet company usage needs.

CXO, 1Worx

It was an absolute privilege to work with Liz. She is able to provide clear and realistic guidance on XML publishing projects and technologies.

CXO, IgniteTRX

Liz Fraley was an exemplary consultant. She immersed herself in the culture and ideas of the company, and performed her design role with poise and above average ability in extremely trying circumstances; with excellent results. I would work with Liz again on any type of technology related project without reservation.

Service Delivery Manager, Northrop Grumman

Liz, is a very comprehensive and self motivated individual, dedicated to the betterment of the company, its people, and herself. She would be a fantastic asset to any organization.

Librarian/Literacy Consultant

Liz is detail-oriented when working on a project. She is dependable and able to carry a project to completion within in the designated time constraints. Liz is a team player who is willing to adjust her part within the project to help the team successfully complete it task.

Experienced Technology Executive

During the time I worked with her, Liz was instrumental in bringing the many Technical Publications groups within Northrop Grumman together to help define Information Development best practices.